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32 years||Experienced (mobile) webbie||Creative & passionate||Loves a good challenge||For hire

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Latest projects

    Projects @ Competa
  • Stedentrips - Responsive Design
  • Radio 538 - misc. projects
  • Haagsche Hogeschool - Interaction Design

    Projects @ TMC
  • ABN AMRO: Project RaGoMo - Proof of Concept
  • 2e Kamer Correction Application - Responsiveness
  • ANWB Onderweg Windows Phone - Interaction Design

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Stedentrips is a company which specialises in city trips & vacations. Their website is currently under construction and I was involved on modules in the new layout.

I've worked on design aspects(CSS, HTML5. Jquery) and building mockup models for test cases.

538 Group

538 Group is the 1 of the biggest Radio companies of the Netherlands. I've worked on multiple projects for Radio 538 and also for Slam! .

I worked on projects such as Winmetdezin, Pizzalab and the Slam! website. I've worked on modules and other elements(CSS, HTML5, JS)

Haagsche Hogeschool

The Haagsche Hogeschool wanted to improve the foreign student application for classes .

My duties in this project was to build a first draft interaction design for a web application.

Abn Amro

RaGoMo Proof of concept. TMC was involved within the project in a advisory role for the mobile platform. In the proof of concept we have been testing multiple views with the existing platform on a responsive and adaptive level.

I've worked on design aspects(CSS, HTML5) and building mockup models for test cases.

Tweede Kamer

The Correction page is a system containing minuted meetings for review and/or editing. TMC was asked to build this system into a hybrid app and redesign the existing web layout.

My work consisted in writing a css3 solution which would overwrite the existing styles.

ANWB Onderweg Windows Phone

The ANWB Onderweg application is a road-app which gives you traffic information, a routeplanner, travel info and much more.

My duties in this project was to build a interaction design for the Windows Phone version.

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